Tired of no one reading your emails? Hackers wrecking your WordPress pages? Non-compelling CTA’s?

Here’s an ultimate all-in-one treatment. We call it... Icons8 newsletter #246.

All aboard!

How To Design Emails That People Will Actually Read

Have you ever looked at your email as a convincing piece of copywriting? Well, we certainly did prior to reading this guide. All the hard lessons could be learned earlier if we knew: emails ≠ words.

Psychology Behind a Compelling UX Design

Imagine you and your website go to a couple counselling. Bit of a stretch, but that’s exactly what this guide is about: learn the psychology of UX design and improve your relationships tenfold.

Effective Ways to Secure Your WordPress Theme and Plugin Code

Worldwide brands are pouring millions of dollars into digital security, or they risk losing much more. But small WP-themed sites are just as vulnerable. What to do? Read this guide ASAP!

Myths About Images That Hurt Your Content Marketing

The biggest mistake we can make is to treat images in our marketing campaigns as a necessity, rather than opportunity. In this myth-debunking article, you’ll learn the crucial difference.


Now that the treacherous imagery is behind us… Designers, assemble!

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