In this newsletter, we’ll talk about old things, but using a new approach.

The “old thing” would be UX. And by the “new approach” we mean UX anywhere except, well, design. UX for millennials. UX in voice. Even UX in emails.

But we’ll cover some basics as well… Tune in!

How Millenial Women Shop Online

Millenials are no longer niche and obscure demography. They ARE the demography. We are. So, it’s better to learn how young women shop online if you want your digital business to thrive.

Using Voice in Your UX

Podcasts, voice assistants, weird airport robots… Voice is becoming an integral part of many interfaces. But can they pull it off the right way? Check our guide on the future of voice in UI/UX.

Ordinary People Photography

Many customers asked the Generated Photos team to shoot ordinary people, not models, to train their neural network. After three months of waiting, here is their answer.

How to Use Images to Fortify Digital Marketing

We keep telling how important images can be in your overall digital marketing strategy. This time, we’ll talk about different formats and the most fitting images for them.


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